Magicorn Microwave Eazy Pop sweet and Salted 85g

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  • Perfectly popped in minutes!
  • Suitable for vegetarians
    Preparation and Usage Instructions See inside for full instructions 1 Get ready… 2 Watch… 3 Listen… Pop! Pop Pop! 4 Enjoy! Caution: Contents are hot! Never leave popping corn unattended 1. Simply remove the plastic wrapper, unfold packet and place face down in the microwave. 2. Cook on full power for 2-4 mins (depending on microwave wattage). The bag will expand as the popcorn cooks and you’ll start to hear popping noises. 3. Once the ‘popping’ noise starts to slow (2 secs between pops) you’ll know it’s ready. 4. Remove and gently shake the bag, open with caution by pulling the corners of the bag apart. This bag contains 4 portions of 20g


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